Jacob & Co watch brand was founded by the jewelry maker Jacob Arabo , who is of Uzbek origin and holds American citizenship . It first appeared in 1997, and its headquarters and main store are located in Manhattan, New York City .

The Jacob & Co. men’s brand is one of the most famous brands in the world of watches and jewelry, as the Jacob & Co. watch is distinguished by its attractive design and the quality of the materials used in its manufacture .

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Find out the prices of Jacob & Co. watches for men and women, and enjoy purchasing the Jacob & Co. wristwatch, distinguished by its luxurious, elegant design and attractive colors. It is a unique piece on your wrist that catches the eyes of everyone around you .

Shop Jacob & Co. men’s watches in various colors, available in black, red, blue, gold, silver, and various other colors. Get it at the lowest prices for Jacob & Co watches .

Jacob & Co. watches pay great attention to the quality of manufacturing materials, and this is what made them gain the trust of watch lovers and make them search for everything new produced by the brand .

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